Thursday, January 11, 2007

Race Point Lighthouse Miniature Pastel Painting

Late afternoon light at Race Point.
ACEO (2.5x3.5") Pastel on Wallis



Karen said...

I love your pastels! My kind of subject matter too. Nice work!


N Poucher said...

Thanks, Karen. I am an admirer of your soft, romantic beach scenes also.

Cooper Dragonette said...

You are a painter after my own heart! I have a number of pieces from a recent trip out to Race Point going and a vineyard painting too! (Truro, not Corsica). I especially am drawn to your White Village painting. I spent a couple of weeks there each summer as a kid. How's life in Provincetown now that everyone's left for the season?!

N Poucher said...

Will head over to check out your blog. I'm lucky to live in such a beautiful spot. But right now I'm not enjoying P-town in the off season but Minnesota in their Artic period.
White Village reminds me of a simpler time in life. Hope they don't ever tear down these sweet little cottages.