Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Provincetown Art Association and Museum 12x12" Show

Soft Pastel on Wallis 12x12" Unavailable at this time.
Apologies for the bad photograph. I did this piece for the Provincetown Museums 12x12" members show. I just finished in time to submit with only 10 minutes to spare so just took a quick photograph under artificial light. Show opens Friday night and the pieces are sold by silent auction.


lois said...

I've been enjoying your "Reflections" series but I hadn't seen this one before. Somehow I missed it. As I scrolled down through your blog and this one came up on my screen, It took my breath away! IT'S ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!!!! It's my favorite. You are amazing, my dear...

N Poucher said...

Lois, Thank you! You are too kind. I don't know about amazing...but this piece is one of my favorites, too.