Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Foot in the Door Pastel Painting by Poucher for MIA Exhibition

"Foot in the Door for Foot in the Door"
Soft Pastel 5x5"
Not for sale at this time.


Sharon Schock said...

This one is really nice! I love the subject :)

N Poucher said...

Thanks, Sharon. I was tied up for hours in those laces. If I do more shoes they will be slip ons!

Mimi said...

Hello, I am a young girl who just started blogging this morning - I'm a writer and decided this would be great practice - and was hoping it would be okay to use the photo of your beautiful painting (the foot in the door) in my first article. It works perfectly because my piece is called "A foot in the door". Is this alright with you?

N Poucher said...

Mimi, It's OK but please give me credit on your blog:
"Foot in the Door" pastel painting by Nancy Poucher