Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Rocking Gently Cape Cod Wooden Boat Pastel Painting by Poucher

"Rocking Gently"
Soft Pastel 9x11"
The sun is out and the boats are returning to the harbor. Summer is on its way.


Anonymous said...

I just love this painting. Really well done.


N Poucher said...

Thank you, Danay!

Mark Cashmore said...

I love this as well :) I'm just learning pastel myself now, hope you don't mind if I used this as some 'homework'

N Poucher said...

Thanks, Mark. I'm honored that you wanted to copy my work for your "homework". It is always appreciated, if you do post your work online that you add a credit such as "study from Rocking Gently by Poucher". Enjoy your pastels!

Mark Cashmore said...

Thanks so much! I will do that then. Thanks for your support :) I've gone back and adjusted any postings I did to add that credit (sorry, I'm still all new to this!)

N Poucher said...

Good. Thanks, Mark. No need to apologize. We all learn from each other.