Sunday, November 13, 2011

Color Studies of Empty Boat

"Empty Boat III"
Soft Pastel Color Study 5x7"

In November I seem to have a need to play with color. I plan on doing about a dozen of these boats with different colors, underpaintings, techniques, etc. I will be offering them in borderless 5x7" glass clip frames so they could be hung as is or easily slipped into a standard 5x7" frame. They will be priced at just $100 and if you purchase one on the first day that I offer it on Daily Painters the shipping will be free.


Vanessa said...

This is going to make for a beautiful series! What kind of underpainting did you use on this one? I just experimented with tinted paper for the firts time this weekend and loved it.

N Poucher said...

Thanks, Vanessa! I used a cool pink pastel underpainting on this one. I'm less likely to get carried away blending if I use an underpainting and the pink helps to warm up the cool colors of the water. Enjoy your experiments!