Monday, September 19, 2011

Mayo Beach, Wellfleet Daily Painting by Poucher

"Mayo Beach"
Soft Pastel on Wallis paper 8.5x11.5"
I love my light color Sennelier pastels for glazing. For example: the texture in the sunlit sand was created by very lightly grazing the side of a peach colored soft pastel over the darker base colors.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Last Light of Summer, Lighthouse Pastel Painting by Poucher

"Last Light of Summer"
Soft pastel on Wallis 11.5x8.5"
Available at the Julie Heller Gallery

As promised, I will try and add a little bit of information about my work with each post. For "Last Light of Summer" I wanted to show a strong contrast of light and dark so I used Terry Ludwig darks for the top of the light and the shaded foreground. If you want rich, strong dark colors, you can't beat Terry's pastels.