Thursday, June 28, 2012

Boris, Margo Gelb Cape Cod Dune Shack Pastel Painting by Poucher

Soft pastel on Wallis paper 9x12"
This is the dune shack where I was lucky to have been chosen for an artist residency last fall. I had planned to give this a more "finished" look but I like the peachy underpainting showing through. What do you think?


Vincent said...

Nancy (may I call you that?) I love it! All the more because for a few days I once dabbled with pastels and decided I could only paint with words.

I've taken a liberty with one of your other pastels, the Message in a Bottle, which so perfectly fitted a post I've just written on my own blog, "Letters to the Universe". I do so hope you will approve of the context enough to let it stay there.

N Poucher said...

Vincent, Thank you! I enjoyed reading your "Letters to the Universe". And you are welcome to use my image of "Message in a Bottle" since you kindly credited me and linked to my blog.

Christa Forrest Fine Art said...

I love your pastels

N Poucher said...

Chirsta, Thank you!!