Sunday, November 13, 2016

Little studies on the road from Cape Cod to Florida

"Assateaque State Park waves"

We had a great road trip from Provincetown to Gulfport, Florida. We slowed it down a bit to avoid Hurricane Matthew so it was about 35 days of camping at state parks along the way in our VW van.
"Oregon Inlet Cape Hattaras National Seashore"

We stay along the coast to avoid the hilly country as the old van has over 200,000 miles on her. We stayed about 9 days on the outer banks so did quite a few little studies on the beach at Ocracoke.
 "Ocracoke campground dunes"

Happy to end the trip camping at Fort Desoto park....hard to beat the palm trees and water views.
"Fort Desoto campground"


Sandra Standridge said...

beautiful paintings

N Poucher said...

Thank you, Sandra!